Easter Egg Chocolate

Christine de Flu easter egg.

Easter Egg White Chocolate

Marzipan easter egg.

Easter Egg Half with Fluffy Fruit inside

Fiufius easter egg.

Chocolate Easter Eggs are items that can be purchased on Easter Event. These always makes you pet full (since on real life chocolate easter eggs full us too),but the Fiufius one is a bit more rarer.

Rarity of the items

Christine de Flu: Uncommon

Marzipan: Uncommon

Fiufius: Slighty Rare

Where to Buy

You can buy a Chocolate Easter Egg in the shop "Supermarket" at the Shops page on the site. Though the Fiufius egg is free and everybody will get one on event ending.

Get a Free Toy

Send a message to TwilightTwily saying that you have given the item to your pet for eat,and say which character you have given (Fiufius,Marzipan or Christine).

And you can also PM the code "EasterEggToy" (caps does not matter) and then PM one of the characters: 




Note that you must have given the egg for your pet!

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