Male Moth Fuz


Female Moth Fuz


Moth Fuz are the default species that can be adopted for free. Their appearances are identical to Fiufius and Marzipan.


The first Moth Fuz created is Fiufius, a normal male Moth Fuz. After some years, Marzipan, which is also the first female Moth Fuz, came to the world with mysterious magic. Later they decided to live on a clean place, the size of a valley. Suddenly, the first human to visit Moth Fuz Valley, which is named Luci, discovered them both. She then built a house and took care of these lonely creatures. But with the strange magic in the area, more Moth Fuz had been created. More humans came to the valley, building more houses and looking in the holes dug by Moth Fuz to keep them as pets. Since then, the valley has been called MothFuzValley.

Usual Appearances

Male Moth Fuz:

  • Has circle antennas.
  • Nose and antennas are black.
  • Fur cannot be pink.
  • Has smaller eyelashes than females.


  • Has heart antennas.
  • Nose and antennas are always colored with a color. Cannot be black.
  • Fur can be any color.
  • Has larger eyelashes than males.


  • It is common to find a Moth Fuz monochromatic. (Eyes and female antennas and nose doesn't need to match.)
  • Finding a Moth Fuz with different colors (For example, they have purple fur, the skin is grey, and so on) is uncommon. Although, it cannot be considered rare.

How to Adopt

These can be found though the Adoption Page ,it's completely simple to get one.