Moth Lea

An Moth Lea

Moth Lea are an species that live on the "Weird Forest". These haves wild person personality,but if you tame one it might haves a nice personality,but they always calm down.


These are also known as "Indigenous Moth Fuz" or "Vegetal Hunters",because they are basically indigenous. Though they have an "cousin" species called Moth Flow. They can also be easily tamed,even with that wild "carnivore" personality (Moth Fuzes are herbivore,of course).


These have genders (Male,Female and maybe so on),but their appearances still the same.


  • About the owner comments (TwilightTwily/Lucinara.helen) these are the most pretty subspecies she have done.
  • The idea have been given by the artist Cuscuz.
  • On the comment for the first pet for "Weird Forest",the artist said that the pets can be green with a leaf instead for an heart or circle for antenas.

How to adopt

You can find one on the Explore Page on "Weird Forest",but this subspecies isn't available yet.